Garden Bumblebird Wildlife & Conservation Seeds

    Garden Bumblebird Wildlife & Conservation Seeds


       great combination of colourful perennial and annual wildflowers and seed-bearing plants. With this combination of nectar and seeds, bees, birds and butterflies can benefit and will create a beautiful display in your garden throughout the summer months.

      Sow the seeds evenly over a sunny area that you have dug over, raked and weeded. This pack will cover an area of about 5 square metres so if your patch is smaller, decrease the sowing rate accordingly. 

      After sowing, lightly tread or roll the seed area to ensure the seed is in good contact with the soil, and keep it watered until the plants are established. Allow the flowers to bloom and release their seeds back into the soil. Cut them down to the ground as the plants die off, and remove the cuttings onto the compost heap or into your green bin.

      You can then just let the mix flower in subsequent years, although the proportion of colourful annuals in the mix is likely to decrease each year. If you wish, you can top them up by scattering seeds in spring from our Cornfield Colourburst or Best for Bees packs into any gaps where the soil is showing..

      • Sow outdoors between March ad May or August to October.
      • Plants will flower between May and September.
      • All seeds grown in the UK.
      • Perennial and annual seeds.
      • This 5g pack will cover approx. 5 square metres of ground.
      • Plants will grow up to 1.2 metres tall.
      • Fully recyclable paper packaging, printed with vegetable based inks.
      • Seeds grown without any pesticides

      Contents: 15% Cornflower, 15% Phacelia tanacetifolia, 5% Poppy, 10% Common Knapweed, 7% Flax, 5% Corn Marigold, 5% Yellow Rattle, 5% Field Scabious, 5%Teasel, 5% Borage, 5% Red Clover, 5% Wild Carrot, 5% Bird’s-foot Trefoil, 3% Crimson Clover, 3% Greater Knapweed, 2% Rough Hawkbit *
      *Contents may vary.