Mini Meadow Wildlife & Conservation Seeds

    Mini Meadow Wildlife & Conservation Seeds


      We’ve carefully formulated this seedmix so that you can sow it straight over an existing garden lawn to increase its diversity and value for wildlife in a quick, cheap and easy way.

      We’ve lost a staggering 97% of our flower-rich meadows in the UK since the 1930s.

      The mix contains a rich mix of perennial and annual wildflower species such as bird’s-foot trefoil and lady’s bedstraw, plus ‘the meadow maker’, yellow rattle, which helps suppress the vigour of the grass to allow the wildflowers to survive.”

      To make your mini meadow, mow an area of garden lawn as short as possible, then scarify (scratch) it with a rake to expose little bits of soil (it will look a bit ravaged at this point, but don’t worry – it is vital to give the seeds a chance to germinate), and remove all clippings/raked vegetation onto the compost. Sow the seeds at 1g per sqm and water.

      Allow the area of lawn to grow without mowing until late July/August. Then mow and keep doing so through the autumn if it needs it. Always remove all the clippings. The wildflowers may not flower in the lawn until the second year, so be patient! One established, they should be there for good. Remember, this is a haymeadow mix, so doesn’t contain colourful annuals such as poppies – the flowers are beautiful and extremely beneficial to wildlife but this mix isn’t about colour fireworks!

      • Sow outdoors between March and May, or August to October. 
      • Plants will flower between May and September.
      • All seeds grown in the UK.
      • Contains a mix of perennial and annual seeds.
      • This 5g pack will cover approx. 5 square metres.
      • Plants will grow up to 1.2 metres tall.
      • Fully recyclable paper packaging, printed with vegetable based inks.
      • All seeds grown without pesticides

        Contents: 10% Yellow Rattle, 8% Bird's-foot Trefoil, 8% Lady's Bedstraw, 5% Rough Hawkbit, 10% Wild Carrot, 6% Yarrow, 8% Hedge Bedstraw, 10% Meadow Buttercup, 8% Self-heal, 8% Common Knapweed, 6% Field Scabious, 5% Common Sorrel, 4% White Clover, 4% Red Clover *
        *Contents may vary.