You don’t have to do Mother’s Day. But if you do - we’re here to help.

by Paul Edmunds on March 04, 2021

The thing with these annual celebrations like Mothering Sunday and Valentine’s Day is that they’re not for everyone are they? 

This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 14th March. Traditionally it is a Christian festival and one where people returned to the churches in which they were baptised as children to gather with their families and loved ones and children would pick flowers to give to their mothers on the way to church. Servants in large houses were given the day off as a holiday and would use this special time to visit their mothers and take home a gift. 

Nowadays we celebrate Mother’s Day as a way to honour the wonderful women in our lives; to give thanks to our mothers, grandmothers - and even great grandmothers for their love and support. 

But I am very aware that there are many for whom the day can be filled with pain or sorrow, because of grief, loss, infertility, shattered dreams or even anger. If this is you, please know that I am thinking about you and I hope that there is someone in your life that can hug you just a little bit tighter on that day of all days.

But if this is a day that you choose to celebrate, as a first time Mum, a mum of toddlers or teenagers, a grandmother of many….then I hope we have a little something that fits you and your loved ones to give as a gift.

During the Lent fast, people traditionally avoided rich food and indulgences. However, the fast was lifted a little on Mothering Sunday when a delicious marzipan covered Simnel cake would be shared with the family - not at Easter when we tend to make it nowadays.

In modern times it’s usual to find a thoughtful something for them in a little gift shop - albeit a slightly more commercial way to go! But hey - you can’t blame me for trying, can you? So here’s a little idea of a few presents we think would honour all those women you hold dear.

  1. Wonder-Mum Mother's Day Card
    Celebrate your Wonder Mum with this bright and beautiful Mother's Day card illustrated by Eleonora Arosio. We also have other cards to choose from here.
    Wonder-Mum Card
  2. Personalised Mum, Reasons Why Book
    How about a completely personalised gift? This beautiful little book can be printed especially for you to tell her all the reasons why you love her being your Mother. It needs five days to printed - so hurry if this is your perfect gift.

    Personalised Mum, Reasons Why Book
  3. This House Runs On Love, Laughter & Prosecco
    We all know a mummy that is fuelled by love, laughter and Prosecco! Especially if she’s had to cope with nearly a year of home schooling! Could this be the little gift for her?

    This House Runs On Love, Laughter & Prosecco Hanging Heart
  4. Strawberries & Sparkling Wine Eco Soya Wax Melts Pack
    Now that schools are back to normal, you can bet there will be Mum’s all over the country giving their houses a big springtime clean! Here’s something that will give her 150 hours of gorgeous scent, handmade by Habulous with love.

    Strawberries & Sparkling Wine Eco Soya Wax Melts Pack
  5. Bird On A Branch Necklace One of my personal favourites is this exquisitely designed sterling silver bird on a branch necklace. The 18ct gold vermeil bird sits perfectly on a beautifully textured branch. The movement and unique design of this necklace makes it a very stylish and desirable piece of jewellery.

    Bird On A Branch Necklace
  6. Handmade Block Letters
    Whether you want to spell it out for her in great detail, or just add a little personalisation, these block letters will let you know you love her.

    Handmade Block Letters
  7. Organic Skincare
    Natural skincare is so important nowadays as we try to step away from the environmentally harmful products of the past. We have spent as number of years collating some of the best organic skincare around, so I hope this gives you some great ideas for your Mum.

    Organic Skincare
  8. Handmade Heart Fused Glass Hanging
    I’m sure she already knows you love her. But there’s no harm in reminding her. This fused glass heart hanging is handmade in Gunnislake, Cornwall by Ruthie Holmes.

    Handmade Heart Fused Glass Hanging
  9. Smart Booklight Walnut
    These Booklights are so popular! They certainly makes a great gift for any purpose with a big wow factor great additional piece of art to any home.

    Smart Booklight Walnut
  10. Aqua Magna 30cm Pendant Lampshade
    We have a collection of these drum lampshades, printed and handmade in Darlington. The colour and quality of lampshade will not fade over time, but always remain as vivid and beautiful as the day it was made. Just like you!

    Aqua Magna 30cm Pendant Lampshade