Pull Your Socks Up

by Paul Edmunds on October 15, 2021

Thoughtful Bamboo Socks

Socks just aren’t what they used to be - for so many reasons!

When I was at school, you NEVER wore white socks with black shoes (unlike our parent’s youth) or you would leave yourself open to being ridiculed by your peers! Plus - it was NOT done to have your socks pulled up. They were kept rumpled down as far as possible! Nowadays my children not only wear white socks - but they wear them pulled up too!

Socks nowadays are not just something to keep your feet warm. They are a statement in themselves. For example, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau chooses to wear themed socks according to the public occasion. Boris Johnson was criticised for not washing his lucky socks, emblazoned with a ruler of the Neo-Assyrian empire King Ashurbanipal, often enough.

Socks with sandals were regarded as a passion killer - an absolute NO NO! However, at Paris Fashion Week last year, they were highlighted a the new ‘in’ thing to do (as long as it was deliberately bold).

Socks can also be a statement of sustainability.

Take our Bamboo socks for example; bamboo grows quickly and once harvested continues to grow which leads to less soil erosion. It supports small scale farming and as it grows it absorbs Co2 and produces more oxygen for us. The fibres in bamboo are really absorbent which means they are the perfect material for socks as they keep moisture away and are also far more breathable than cotton or wool. Bamboo is antibacterial and resistant to odours – so for socks this is a must! 

Socks are a fashion statement of their own!

Visible socks are an easy to way to communicate fashion prowess, and and we have so many styles available, it makes almost no sense to conceal them!

Is it OK to buy socks as a present?

Socks, I admit, used to have one of those ‘last minute panic’ buying reputations. From children buying for their Dad, to colleagues buying to add to the secret Santa…!

Nowadays though, socks can be a real luxury. Soft bamboo socks in different styles are a very welcome gift (take it from someone that knows). The ‘sock drought’ that once there was, is now over.

Pull your socks up

In the spirit of today’s ‘be who you are’ vibe - I say, pull your socks up - or don’t! That’s up to you. After all, the phrase is commonly associated with someone who’s put in extra effort either in their behaviour or their work to achieve a certain goal. Either that or it’s also a call to smarten up.

The phrase can be found from a cricket club report dated 1887 where a supporter encourages his team to pull their socks up. Another origin is also credited from when British soldiers away on duty would usually sleep in their full uniform including their boots and even their berets. When they were awoken, the commanding officer would order the soldiers to pull your socks up!as this was the only thing the soldiers needed to do to be fully dressed.

At least I know I can say it with confidence now - as the socks we are selling at Insideout are definitely ones that you would want to make a statement - and anyone getting them as a gift or in their stocking this Christmas will be absolutely over the moon!