5 Ways to Spring into Action at Insideout

by Paul Edmunds on March 30, 2021


After a wet, locked-in winter the warm weather is a welcome addition as we approach re-opening our shops and our front doors - and the possibility of meeting friends and family once again.

Easter is also almost upon us - and despite being a family that hasn’t ever really marked this particular event, I can’t help but feel that this year it’s just a little bit more special. The symbolism of Easter around new-life, pastel colours, fresh new greens, the planting of seeds - what could be more perfect as the horrors of this pandemic retreat? 

This is the season that motivates us to get out and do more - not that any of us are going to need much motivation or inspiration in 2021! But it did make me think about all of the ways that Insideout can be a part of that. We don’t have a huge amount of stock that focuses on Easter - but we certainly do have many things that can help you let the fun of springtime guide you. With that said, here are some spring tips tailored just for you. 

Spring cleaning!

Now, having been cooped up for many months, you may have already seen the inside of every cupboard many times. You’ve probably done clearcuts more than once as well! But having a clean, clear house is so good for our mental health. I’m a great ‘keeper of things’ but I also know how much better I feel when things are better organised and clutter free. William Morris once said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Chuck out those things you hang on to ‘just in case’. Sell them or send them to charity. In their place why not get something more beautiful to celebrate the new space? Plants are great for freshening up the house and this small Stratton Hanging Pot made from smooth flecked cement is the perfect way to display it.


Plus, if you’re looking for some storage solutions to get better organised, here’s a list that should inspire you.

Storage Solutions


Green is Great

Soup and pasta days are a thing of the past. Now is the season to munch on all things colourful; leafy greens, fish, fruit and grilled meat. There’s nothing like sunshine to get us back to a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate greens back to your diet, and your body will thank you later. Plus, with the increase in temperature comes the increase in water intake and this will benefit your mind, your body, your focus and all that exercise you’re now going to do! The Chilly's Bottle is a revolutionary reusable bottle that can keep your water ice cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12 hours - hopefully it’ll inspire you?

Blush Chilly Bottle

Be Mindful

Spring is the best time to start a mindfulness exercise. But that doesn’t mean that you have to do a full and complete meditation to achieve that clear state of mind. It is difficult to do - but whatever activity that relaxes your mind will go someway to helping. Take cycling for example, from the pleasure of riding down a hill to finding the upsides of a puncture, Mindful Thought for Cyclists shows how cycling can be an enriching source of joy and wonder; Mindful Thoughts for Walkers explores how walking of any kind, from a gentle stroll to a lengthy hike, is an opportunity to deepen our physical and spiritual awareness.

Mindful Thoughts For Cyclists


Having quality time with your loved ones under the heat of spring is a pleasant experience and will be even more so after the winter we’ve all had! But it looks as if there will still be a few hang-ons from the pandemic, so if you fancy brightening your face-mask to fit with your spring wardrobe here’s a selection to inspire you

Face Masks

Plus, we have some gorgeous accessories that can accompany the look, including these purses and wallets

Purses & Wallets

Sprinkle in some colour

When it comes to adding colour to your home, you can never go wrong with pairing colours that exist together in nature - especially at this time of year.  For a fresh spring vibe, think about adding lush greens, sky blues, and cloud whites to your spaces.  These nature-inspired hues never fail to bring the vibrancy of the season inside.  Here’s a beautiful floor lamp in sea green with striking composition and hints of blues and orange throughout the design. These floor lamps are perfect for creating mood lighting and atmosphere in your home, featuring an original composition by artist Gillian Arnold.