Marina Ester Castaldo Escape Reusable Bag
Marina Ester Castaldo Escape Reusable Bag
Marina Ester Castaldo Escape Reusable Bag
Marina Ester Castaldo Escape Reusable Bag

    Marina Ester Castaldo Escape Reusable Bag


      Embark on a journey through vibrant landscapes with the latest exclusive collaboration featuring female artist Marina Ester Castaldo. Born and raised against the backdrop of Naples and now crafting her artistry in London, Marina draws inspiration from folklore, warm hospitality of people, and the contrasting vivid hues that define her roots.

      Marina's spontaneous and ever-evolving artistic process results in a series of reusable bags that not only celebrates nature and daily life but also evoke a sense of joy through abstract shapes and lively colours. Indulge in this fusion of art and utility with the Marina Ester Castaldo x Kind Bag collaboration.


      • 100% recycled & recyclable material shopping bag.
      • Made from 6 recycled plastic bottles destined for our oceans.
      • Water-resistant and lightweight.
      • Strong stitching to carry those heavy loads up to 20kg.
      • Large capacity fitting in 2-3 grocery bags of shopping.
      • Folds into the attached small pouch and can fit into a pocket or handbag.
      • Wide arms ensuring a comfortable fit around the shoulder.
      • Medium Reusable Bag - 39 x 64 x 17 cm (15 x 25 x 6.7 in).

      Machine-Wash at 30°C on a Delicate Setting (Spin Cycle Speed at 600-800 rpm). Please do not Tumble Dry

      100% recycled & recyclable material in all Kind Bags eliminating the need for single-use plastic bags. Vegan and cruelty free. High-quality, premium, strong material that is water-resistant and lightweight.

      There're so many different bags out in the market to choose from - from cotton, plastic, paper and more. There's of course a reason why we're going for 100% recycled RPET material.

      Unfortunately some "eco" bags are not actually ecological for the environment. Except for the plastic pollution in the ocean and landfill, plastic bags are actually the most environmentally-friendly option. Cotton and paper bags actually cost so much more energy to produce, and you need to reuse 7,000 to 20,000 times to have same cumulative environmental impact (water use, energy use, etc.) as a classic plastic bag (source: Denmark’s ministry of environment and food).

      So, we believe retrieving plastic waste before polluting the ocean or be stuck in landfill  for several hundred years, is a kinder option for our reusable bags