Wildflowers For Pots & Tubs Wildlife & Conservation Seeds

    Wildflowers For Pots & Tubs Wildlife & Conservation Seeds


      Planting and growing wildflowers in pots couldn't be easier with this great mix of perennial and annual wildflower species sown at 1/2g per square metre in pots or tubs. This gives homeowners with smaller gardens, the opportunity to create their own wildflower areas without taking up too much space. This mix produces lovely flowers that will help to feed bees and butterflies.

      Sow the seeds into a well prepared, weed-free seed bed. Lightly tread or roll the seed area and keep it watered until established. Allow the flowers to mature and self-seed. Trim back and remove the cuttings when self-seeding has taken place.

      • Plant outdoors between March and October.
      • Plants will flower between May and September.
      • Made in the UK.
      • Perennial and annual seeds.
      • This 4g pack will cover approx. 8 square metres of soil in pots or tubs.
      • Plants will grow up to 1.2 metres tall.
      • Fully recyclable paper packaging, printed with vegetable based inks.

      Contents: 18% Bladder Campion, 14% Self-heal, 16% Birdsfoot Trefoil, 14% Lady’s Bedstraw, 8% Red Clover, 8% Poppy, 6% Betony, 8% Sneezewort, 6% Hedge Bedstraw *
      *Contents may vary.