Handmade Ceramic Bowl Shoreline Series - Insideout
Handmade Ceramic Bowl Shoreline Series - Insideout
Handmade Ceramic Bowl Shoreline Series - Insideout
Handmade Ceramic Bowl Shoreline Series - Insideout
Handmade Ceramic Bowl Shoreline Series - Insideout
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Handmade Ceramic Bowl Shoreline Series


    A bright and sunny bowl, perfect for lightening your Monday morning when having your cereal. The bowls have been carefully designed to ensure the most pleasant yet simple eating experience. They have been gently spun on the wheel to create a generous but suitable depth, meaning they will hold a hearty amount, be it cereal, soup or whatever you choose, and you won't have to worry about splashes over the sides. Additionally, the bowls are easy to stack once you've finished.

    Handmade by our team in our Dartmoor studio. Each piece is hand-thrown, coated with white tin glaze on the inside and dipped in our own unique glaze on the outside. The pieces are then fired to create these bright and contemporary bowls.

    What makes these bowls particularly special is that each one is totally unique, so not only do they avoid that manufactured uniformity of mass-produced dishes, they're also great if you're eating with a group of people as you'll always know which one is yours. And, if you use this bowl for cereal, what better way to brighten your Monday morning than seeing and eating from these handcrafted, bright bowls?

    This firing is an exciting process for us as it brings the pieces to life, transforming the glaze and clay into rich, complimentary tones. The turquoise resembles the colour of the sea on a summer's day, and the pink is especially unique with its speckled gradient. The natural clay, visible between the two glazes, bakes to a warm, sandy colour. We can only think of those happy moments, feeling the sand beneath our feet and paddling along the lapping shore, when looking at these cheerful bowls.

    The strong stoneware clay and internal tin glaze means it can retain the temperature of your dish longer than your average bowl. Additionally, it is dishwasher & microwave safe, although handwashing is ideally recommended for handmade items.

    As each piece is handmade, yours may differ slightly from the ones shown in the images.

    Sold Individually.

    Approximate Dimensions:

    Height: 8cm

    Widest Diameter: 16cm 

    Volume: 400ml

    Made to order when out of stock, please allow approximately 3 weeks for dispatch.