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Brew It Stick Coffee & Tea Infuser - Charcoal

  • £11.99

Ditch the instant, fresh coffee is now just as easy.

The award-winning Brew It Stick infuser has been specifically designed for those who want the convenience of instant coffee but the taste of fresh coffee. This one cup coffee infuser allows everyone to enjoy freshly brewed coffee quickly with no mess thanks to the included drip pot. The perfect coffee gadget for home, the office coffee rounds and those outdoor adventures.

Brews a textured, full bodied coffee like a cafetiere for a lighter strength black or white filter coffee. 

TipAfter placing your Brew It Stick into your mug of hot water, give the Brew It Stick a twist and stir for 5 to 10 seconds to aid extraction, which will help brew a slightly stronger coffee. 

We have tested this product in house and found it to be the perfect alternative to our pod machine and better for the environment too. We rarely have the patience to brew for the full 4 minutes, but find a good stir get's us a perfectly respectable cup of filter coffee in half that time.

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