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Dotty Circular Jade Charm Silver Hoop Earrings 15mm

  • £22.00

A beautiful pair of ceramic earring with a jade green glaze and finished with dot details, in real gold lustre.  The earring hoops are sterling silver.

Each ceramic piece goes through an extensive process to achieve the end result.  The clay is cut out, dried and bisque fired in the kiln. At the second stage the glaze and they visit the kiln again.  Lastly the lustre detail is painted on by hand and then they have one last trip to the kiln for the final firing.

The jewellery is handmade on Dartmoor by Nicky.  When Nicky is not working in the shops she is usually found in her studio.

As this is a handmade item yours may vary slightly to the one shown, due to the nature of handmade.  The image placement may vary, please see the photos for examples.  The gold lustre does vary on each piece.

Dimensions (approximate may vary)

Hoops Diameter 15mm 

Charm Diameter 12mm

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