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Shoreline Angled Arch Handmade Ceramic Earrings

  • £25.00

A bright and contemporary pair of hanging ceramic earrings, delicately handcrafted and hand-painted with our unique shoreline glazes. Earrings are accompanied with sterling silver studs and links.

Our Shoreline collection is inspired by our local coast. The turquoise is the colour of the sea on a summer's day, complimented by the pink with its unique speckled gradient. The natural clay, visible between the two glazes, bakes to a warm, sandy colour. We can only think of those happy moments, feeling the sand beneath our feet and paddling along the lapping shore, when looking at these cheerful earrings.

Please note that because each piece is handmade yours may differ slightly to those shown in the images.

Approximate Dimensions:

Total length: 3.5cm

Width: 1.7cm

Depth: 1.5mm

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